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Grow your business using LeaDash -- where lead management made easier!



LeaDash believes that great things should not come with great prices. So we make it cheap but with high quality.


There is no hassle on paying every month on LeaDash. Once payment was done, it's all good. You just need to get busy on managing the leads that would make you more money.


We keep everything about LeaDash, simple. Because we believe that simple things are the most extraordinary things that can make difference.


LeaDash simply cares on how clients would experience using the dashboard themselves. So we got 100% humans behind it to help you with anything that you need about the use of the dashboard.


LeaDash was built in an aim and goal, to make the lead management easier and more organize. It targets different businesses in all sizes. LeaDash's utilizes leads to the fullest for the opportunity of increasing sales.

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Flexible Dashboard

This is the first ever dashboard where you can mainly configure it based on your own preference and need. Yes, it is giving you a full control of it. You can configure it base on the effectiveness that it will bring to your business or project to grow. Through its advanced support and system setup. You can manage each lead properly and can possibly produce sales on each. The features were made for the purpose of making lead management way easier and more efficient.

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Create Signup

You can simply generate signup form, crafted for your specific target leads. And these forms can be easily embedded to your website. Just do not risk the chance of losing your potential sales just because of your too complicated and inefficient sign up forms. People nowadays, are too lazy to read and fill out forms. That is why LeaDash allows you to KISS. Keep It Short and Simple.

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This is one of the ultimate features we have in LeaDash. This simply makes things fall on the right track. It makes lead management more organize. No leads will be forgotten and fall behind anymore. One of the main goal also of the feature is to make sure that the follow up on each prospect sales are consistent. You can also check ahead for any schedule in the future.

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Why to risk on missing important updates about your leads. This will allow you to be updated on your businesses and oversee all the activities of your team. Aside from making you more organize and updated, it will also help in improving the efficiency of the team. The feature will also help in pointing the accountable person responsible on each action. Who changes what and vice versa. This could be use as a tracker also for the new leads that come in on your dashboard.

LeaDash Lead Management System $99 Grow your business using LeaDash -- where lead management made easier! LeaDash is now the simplest yet the best lead management system available in the market. Close more deals now using our sytem! Turn your leads into sales.